North Dakota School Boards Association


          Convention 2016 - Exhibitor Information


Mark your calendar for 2016 at the Ramkota Hotel: 
Thursday, October 27, for the School Law Seminar and New Member Seminar
October 28, for the Annual Convention


The 2015 NDSBA Annual Convention was held at the Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck on Thursday and Friday, October 29-30.  The School Law Seminar and New Member Seminar were held Thursday, October 29. 

Jim Rostad (Minot) was re-elected to lead the association as president. Ben Auch (Mott/Regent) was re-elected vice president. Southwest Director Lawrence King (Bismarck) was re-elected. Holly Stromsodt (Finley-Sharon) was elected as the new Northeast Director. 

The convention opened on Thursday afternoon with Jimmy Tingle sharing an insightful, intelligent, and humorous message. The first business session followed Jimmy's presentation.

Friday morning opened with a keynote address from Jamie Vollmer giving his ideas on building public support for public schools. Another general session was held from 1:15-2:15 with Dr. Jean Twenge sharing information from her book "Generation Me."     

Clinic sessions on Friday included:
  • Building Your Social Media Strategy 
  • Open Record and Meeting Laws in North Dakota
  • Students Serving on School Boards
  • School Finance 101
  • Leveraging the Senior Year
  • Impact of Career & Technical Education on Native American Students
  • Student Data Privacy
  • How REAs Support Your School
  • Communicating and Leveraging the Media
  • Education/Business Partnerships
  • School Board Professional Development Training
  • School Resource Officer Program
  • Conversation with State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler
  • ND High School Activities Assn Update
  • Teachers' Fund for Retirement 2015 Update
  • Challenges and Solutions in Financing School Construction Projects
  • Home Schooling -- The FACTS
  • State Superintendent Student Cabinet
  • Smaill Organized Schools: Creative Learning Systems
The School District Business Managers had specific sessions that provided information of particular interest to their group.

Exhibitors were present on Friday to share expertise on their products and services.

Patti Stedman, member of the West Fargo School Board, was named the 2015 recipient of the Barb Norby Scholarship in recognition of her exemplary board service.

2015 Service Award recipients were the following:
VETERAN with Distinction
Daniel Billing, Enderlin Area School District
Leslie Ross, Dickinson School District
John Strand, Fargo School District
MASTER with Distinction
Kris Fehr, Dickinson School District

The Second Business Session and Delegate Assembly was at 3:30 on Friday. The Delegate Assembly passed the following resolutions:


FEDERAL IMPACT AID FUNDING. NDSBA shall support full funding by the federal government for federally impacted schools.

NON-EDUCATION FUNDS TO PROVIDE FOR SAFETY ISSUES INCLUDING SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS AND HEALTH AND NURSING SERVICES.  NDSBA shall seek legislation that commits additional non-education resources to provision of these necessary services so school districts may continue to provide for educational needs of students and receive support necessary to continue these very important non-educational services necessary to ensure safety and health of all students in the state of North Dakota.

SALES AND USE TAX EXEMPTIONS OF SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS.  NDSBA will support the state making supplies and materials purchased by school districts through contracts with contractors for construction projects exempt from sales and use tax.

CURRICULUM CONTENT.  NDSBA shall oppose state or national efforts to further define and mandate specific curriculum content.

REMOVING COMPENSATION FROM NEGOTIATIONS.  NDSBA shall support legislation amending the collective bargaining law to exclude compensation.

PUBLISHING MINUTES.  NDSBA will support legislation and seek sponsorship for legislation which would amend the requirement that school boards pay to publish minutes as defined in NDCC 15.1-09-31. 


K-12 FUNDING ADEQUACY.  NDSBA will take a lead role in discussions on continuing the commitment to “adequate funding” that the state has made to K-12 education.

 All Standing Resolutions are posted on this Website.