North Dakota School Boards Association


Mark your calendar for 2015 at the Ramkota Hotel: 
October 29 for the School Law Seminar and New Member Seminar
October 30 for the Annual Convention


The 2014 NDSBA Annual Convention was held at the Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck on Thursday and Friday, October 23-24.  The School Law Seminar and New Member Seminar were held Thursday, October 23. 

Jim Rostad (Minot) was elected to lead the association as president. Ben Auch (Mott/Regent) was elected vice president.  Northwest Director Mike Lautenschlager (Lewis & Clark, Berthold) and Southeast Director Jim Johnson (Fargo) were re-elected.  Lawrence King (Bismarck) is the new Southwest Director.  Greg Allen continues to serve on the board as past president.

The convention opened on Thursday afternoon with a humorous and inspiring message from Juli Burney.  The first business session followed Juli's presentation.

Friday morning opened with a keynote address from Dr. Jack Levin addressing Juvenile Violence and School Rampage Shootings. From 9:30-3:00 there was a wide variety of topics addressed in clinic sessions:   

  • Positive Impact of Career & Technical Education
  • What's New at TFFR; 2014 Update
  • What is Drug Court and How Does it Work?
  • A Leader of Leaders: Serving as the Chairperson of Your Local School Boards
  • Standards for College and Career Readiness (ND State Standards)
  • Education Data Collection and how it is used by REAs
  • School Boards Engaging in Professional Development
  • Drug Awareness
  • Dealing with Our Most Difficult People
  • Business Manager Roles and Ethics
  • Navigating the Employee Discipline Tightrope
  • ND Indian Education Summit
  • Update from the Legislative Focus Group--Administrators Discuss Education Funding
  • Kids, Courts, and Schools
  • ND Small Organized Schools Annual Meeting & Legislative Issues
  • Keeping it Legal: The Employee's Perspective
  • Conversation with State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler
  • Leadership Track: Informal Discussion with Ed Massey and Glenn Koocher
  • Understanding Budgets, Mill Levies, and Property Values
  • Potpourri of Legislative Issues
  • The Common Schools Trust Fund
  • Preparing for the 2015 Legislative Session
  • Introduction to the Online ND State Assessment System
  • Leadership Track: Topy Three Challenges Inherent in the Role of President and Vice President of the Board
  • Never Give Up: Lessons Learned and Tips about Passing a Bond Measure
  • Getting the Most out of Apps
The School District Business Managers had specific sessions that provided information of particular interest to their group.

Exhibitors were present on Friday to share expertise on their products and services.

Ida Scherr, member of the Strasburg School Board, was named the 2014 recipient of the Barb Norby Scholarship in recognition of her exemplary board service.

The 2014 Service Award recipient was Jennifer Johnson (Larimore), a Veteran Board Member with distinction.

The Second Business Session and Delegate Assembly was at 3:15 on Friday afternoon. The Delegate Assembly passed the following resolutions:


EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION.  NDSBA shall support separate state funding for preschool programs meeting prescribed standards.

FUNDING ADEQUACY, BOARD TAXING AUTHORITY, AND PROPERTY TAX REDUCTIONS. NDSBA will support direct state funding of K-12 education at a level adequate to reduce reliance on local property taxes.

AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING. NDSBA will support legislation that will allow all school districts in North Dakota an equal opportunity to participate with after-school programming.


NORTH DAKOTA STATE STANDARDS.  NDSBA shall support implementation of the North Dakota State Standards.

COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS.  NDSBA shall support the state ensuring program funding equity for school districts, including full funding of the costs associated with English language learners.

SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION LOAN PROGRAM.  NDSBA shall support increasing the total funds available for the School Construction Loan Program.

TEACHERS' FUND FOR RETIREMENT.  NDSBA shall support any of the following solutions to help address this critical issue:

  1. A separate state appropriation that gives each school district an annual amount equal to 5% of their certified staff payroll, until such time as the rollback occurs to the pre-2008 contribution levels.
  2. A series of catch-up allocations from the states general fund sufficient to fund the plan to100%.
  3. A rollback to the pre-2008 contribution levels when the TFFR plan is funded at 70% with the post-2008 increased contribution rates paid by state funds until the plan is 100% funded.
  4. Agreement to study the present funding system for TFFR and explore other possible solutions with appropriate stakeholders. Comprehensive study should include potential costs considerations, funding sources, legal implications, and impact on employees, employers, and the state.

 All Standing Resolutions are posted on this Website.