NDSBA Legal Direct

NDSBA is in a unique position to provide this service to our members at below-market rates through our fee-based program, NDSBA Legal Direct. NDSBA Legal Direct is meant to supplement, not supplant the services provided to our members by our Legal Affiliates.

The following fee-based legal services may be provided through NDSBA Legal Direct:

General legal counsel and advice: NDSBA Legal Counsel may provide direct legal advice and counseling to our member districts on the day-to-day legal issues and situations that arise in school operations. Member districts may receive this direct assistance under an annual subscription or hourly fee arrangement.
Contract review: NDSBA Legal Counsel may be retained to draft, review and/or modify contracts member districts enter into with vendors or other third-party service providers.
Negotiated Agreement review: NDSBA Legal Counsel may be retained to review district Negotiated Agreements. At a member district’s request staff will provide a written analysis of the Negotiated Agreement.
Customized policy drafting: NDSBA Legal Counsel may assist member districts
to customize school board policies and related regulations to tailor them to districts’ needs.
Customized training: NDSBA Legal Counsel is able to provide training and professional development to school boards and/or their staff through specially designed seminars and in-service training.

NDSBA Legal Direct expressly excludes the following services: litigation matters; non- renewal and discharge for cause hearings; matters that may be covered by insurance
(NDIRF) or assigned to insurance counsel; matters where another member school district is adverse to the district requesting assistance; and matters where the member district is already represented by legal counsel on the matter.

Please contact NDSBA for more information regarding NDSBA Legal Direct.

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